Zotexa is a company built for farmers by farmers.


We started as a family farming business over 100 years ago and have been lucky
enough to have three generations involved in the business. Our farming ventures
have spanned three different continents from deserts to tropical climates, which
led the founders to gain expertise in varying climates, crops, soil conditions and
availability of freshwater.


Zotexa is built on “hands in the dirt” farming experiences which has given us a unique expertise in designing and manufacturing the best irrigation products on the market both for our farms and now others. Our company is the culmination of generations of agricultural experience and has allowed Zotexa to bring superior irrigation products to market in a more affordable way.


The company strives to share in its vast knowledge and expertise and offer quality products and guidance to growers worldwide. Unlike other manufacturers, we use every product we make.

We consider our growing network of customers a part of our family and we strive for their success and future benefits.


Along with available market products we have improved significantly the design and function of some products in addition to introducing new products never before available on the market.


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